What is Google Sitemap?

googlesitemapwizard.com is a quick create sitemap process to get a free Google Sitemaps of your website, message boards and web logs. Our create sitemap process can cover unlinked or dynamically generated pages not easily reachable by the spider method of sitemap generation. Create sitemap of your website and improve your indexing by Google. Once the create sitemap process is accepted by google, it will discover and add your pages to its index quicker. Complete our create sitemap process and speed up your indexing by Google.
The first step of the create sitemap process is to paste the googlesitemapwizard.com tracking image into your web pages. Secondly, browse all the pages of your site or wait a few days till your visitor traffic browses all your site. Filling the form is the last step to create sitemap. Our system tracks the pages of your site calling the tracking image to create sitemap.

STEP 1 - Add the googlesitemapwizard.com tracking image to your website

Include the tracking image into every page of your website using the code shown below. The system tracks all the pages from your web site calling the tracking image to create sitemap.

STEP 2 - Generate sitemap

After visiting all the pages of your site or, alternatively, waited till your visitor traffic has browsed all your site, fill the form to create sitemap. Use the full address on the form, including the http, to set the level of from which your sitemap is based, e.g. "http://www.mysite.com/" or "http://www.mysite.com/public/"

Top Level URL: (must end in "/")

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